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Lusine Khachatryan



Piano-Theatre "ԿԱՐՈՏ" / "NOSTALGIA"

Dedicated to the 100th Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide – 1915
In this solo performance, pianist Lusine Khachatryan, through a combination of theatre-art and music, leads her audience into an unique World of color and sounds revealing the characteristics of the Armenian people and uncovering mysteries of their more than 5,000 year-old culture.
From ecclesiastical music of the Middle Ages and armenian folklore, through the 18th till 20th century works by Sayat Nova, Komitas Vardapet, A.Khachaturian, A.Arutiunian and E. Mirzoyan – "NOSTALGIA" is a journey to the sources of the deep Armenian soul which are revealed in this unusual visual-musical presentation.

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