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Lusine Khachatryan



Piano-Theatre "Clara Wieck plays Schumann"

Clara Wieck, later Schumann, born in Leipzig, in 1819 was a German pianist and composer who became famous in Europe as a Piano virtouso.
She interpreted Schumann's compositions throughout her entire life, and thus contributed a great deal into his fame as a composer.
In her solo performance Pianist Lusine Khachatryan embodies eighteen-year old Clara Wieck and offers an insight into her everyday life and thinking process. Through words and music she reveals Clara's complicated struggle between her only love, Robert Schumann, and her father, Friedrich Wieck, her life and musical mentor.

Works by Robert Schumann composed between 1829-1837,
before his marriage to Pianist Clara Wieck.

Variations on the name "Abegg" op.1
Fantasiestücke op.12
Carnaval op.9

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